Re: Suggestions for a name.

Ian Montgomery in Glasgow asks:

>>My brief in the University has been expanded to cover histological type 
services for all biological departments, bugs, plants and everything down to 
man. Mainly, at the moment to light, fluorescence, confocal etc., only a 
little EM. What I need is a name for such a service unit. Histology, 
Histotechnology, Microscopy Unit that type of thing. Something that covers 
all but doesn't sound boring. A thank you for the best male suggestion and a 
big wet kiss for the best girlie one.<<

I believe that Good Management Style now requires that you look like you 
don't actually do anything but sit in an office and Manage, and your title 
should reflect that. (Thus Radiology is now Medical Imaging, and the word 
Hospital is utterly gone from institution names, and Medical is going.)

What about Photon Management?

Ian continues: >>I'll be in the Florida Keys in a few weeks so your free to 
collect.<< Eat your hearts out, guys, I'm about to take off for a two week 
Samurai Pathologist job in the Cayman Islands. I'll probably be online with 
my laptop.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Diagnosis Manager
Knoxville TN

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