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Contact the NSH 301-262-6221 or

ask who is in charge of the National Society for Histotechnology
Control Blocks.

NSH does NOT have a stockpile of control blocks. They have
a coordinator who has a list of controls that other NSH members
say they are willing to trade.

That person (and I can't think who it is - sorry) will send you
a list of people who say they have that particular control.

Then you call up a person on the list, and see if they are
willing to send you a control block. You may have to
"barter", as in "What controls are you short of? Fungus?
Well, I have some extra. I'll send you 2 fungus blocks for
one spirochete block. Deal?"

I don't know if you have to be a NSH member to

However, my personal philosophy is - If you want to
benefit from an organization, you should be willing
to help that organization help others. Paying membership
dues is a small way to help. (This is directed not
to you, Michelle. Just to anyone thinking of
"freeloading".   :-)     )  NSH and Histonet has
always been very generous in trying to help
people pass their registry exam

Off my soap box for a while. Promise.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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Subject: Spirochete control tissue

> Hi. I am in the process of taking my HTL practical exam. For the ASCP
> registry, I
> need to do a silver stain that demonstrates spirochetes. I do not have to
> submit the block. However, I work in a small pathology lab and we are
> a hard time finding tissue that contains spirochetes. Do you have any
> suggestions about how I might obtain such tissue? Any comment would be
> greatly appreciated. Thank you.
> Michelle Rederick HT(ASCP)
> Sharon Regional Health System
> Sharon, PA

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