Re: Sink disposal of ethanol

From:Connie McManus <>

At 09:08 AM 5/22/01 -0400, Linda Jenkins wrote:
>Common sense says that all the local bar's are dumping tons of
>ethanol based products ( i.e. Jack Daniel's) down the drain (what a
>waste<smile>).  Wonder  how they can get away it?  'Course they are not a
>certified, inspectified, rectified institution of health care or higher

Not to mention all the FRAT/SORORITIES on campus!!!!!  *VVVBG*  Seriously,
the amount dumped by bars/ private homes alone in a community may or may
not have an impact on the water... I don't know as I've never heard any
statistics on personal use.  However, we in the hospital, industry and
university settings who use very large amounts of purer alcohols than
personal use will,  have a large impact on water systems.  It all adds up:
the personal use and the proffessional use.  So I feel it is incumbent upon
the professional users (I'm not talking about professional drinkers! *G*)
to do the right thing... recycle and dispose of as you would any hazardous
waste.  I think it will be a sad day when personal use will be monitored
for dumping stuff down the drain, I would rather do it voluntarily.
however, I don't drink alcohol, so I'm off the hook! *g*

Just my 2 cents worth

Connie McManus
Connie McManus
Veterinary Diagnostics Lab
Utah State University
Logan, UT

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