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From:Matt Griffiths <>

Thanks Barry and Gayle,
That should give me a good area to get started off in. A general consensus 
amongst the other people on my course (all working as BMS in histology labs 
around the UK)is that the use of silver impregnation methods is reducing and 
being replaced by other methods, e.g. ICC for basement membranes, fungi etc.
Do others agree with this and do you think this is good thing?
An interesting aside, whilst on my last attendance at college some one made 
the following statement and asked us to discuss it, there was a very mixed 
response - what do you think?
"Histopathology is becoming de-skilled"


>From: Barry Rittman <>
>To: histology <>
>Subject: Re: Silver nitrate
>Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 10:27:31 -0500
>A lot of the literature using silver nitrate is old.
>Silver nitrate mixtures have been used extensively in neurohistology to
>demonstrate nerves, astroglia,  etc.  Also used to show many different
>cell organelles. Depending on conditions can demonstrate  from collagen
>to nerves to muscle striations to cell organelles, interstitial tissue
>in lung, blood vessels etc.
>I think that the use of silver nitrate in demonstrating cells and nerves
>in the central and peripheral nervous system offer the best starting
>A good starting point are the two papers by Kathleen Page on Histologic
>Methods for Peripheral Nerves. Medical Laboratory Technology. 1970 vol
>27 pp 1-17 and 1971 vol. 28 pp 44-58. Not sure if these are available on
>the web may have to use the old fashioned paper reading technique.

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