Re: Safety of employees handling paraffin embedded tissue, CJD, Organ retention

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--- wrote: > I have recently heard of a previous employee of
a pathology laboratory suing 
> for being exposed to and contracting Hepatitis C from handling the paraffin 
> blocks.  I have never seen anybody wearing gloves during the embedding and 
> microtomy of properly fixed tissue sections.  Has anybody else heard of any 
> similar circumstances and if so, should we all wear gloves during embedding 
> and sectioning.  I know if I tried to cut tissue sections with gloves on, I 
> may not be exposed to Hepatitis C, but I would probably be looking for finger
> prosthesis.

Steve Machin UK comments:
I've seen TV clips of staff wearing gloves who do suspected CDJ work on
processed tissue.
Here, in the UK, we are considering returning processed blocks from post
mortems to relatives.  I wondered what risk there will be to these relatives.
So I tried to get an answer from the CJD surveillance center but was passed on
to the Dept of Health who passed me on to the Organ Retention Commission.  I
emailed the Commission and am awaiting a reply.

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