Re: Preg techs & chemicals

From:Louri Caldwell <>

I don't allow pregnant techs to work with any acutely hazardous chemical.  I 
just remove it from their duties for the duration of the pregnancy.   For 
example, they aren't allowed to have any exposure to xylene or toluene - 
including coverslipping.  With all other hazardous reagents they are 
required to use protective equipment (gloves, lab coat) and work under a 
hood.  I had a baby recently and this is how I protected myself.  I wouldn't 
do any less for the techs.

Hope this helps.

Louri Caldwell

>From: Connie McManus <>
>Subject: Preg techs & chemicals
>Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 15:56:25 -0600
>Hi everybody!
>What measures do you guys take for pregnant techs?  This particular tech is
>a chemistry student (undergrad jr year) and works with all the chemicals in
>one of the labs here.  There are some very nasty things...  teratogens,
>etc.  We use all the regular safety precautions... goggles, lab coats, the
>appropriate glove for the chemical, fume hoods, etc.  Our concern is for
>her and her baby's health, but we don't know exactly how to go about doing
>this, both in a political sense as well as knowing what chemicals to keep
>her away from completely, etc.  Thanks for your advice.
>Connie McManus
>Connie McManus
>Veterinary Diagnostics Lab
>Utah State University
>Logan, UT

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