Re: Paraffin Melting Pots

From:Robert Wadley <>

         Dear Kathleen,

         Yes this will work.

         For a cheaper alternative try a beaker warmed over a gas flame.

         Only a few years ago I (very briefly) worked in a hospital 
laboratory where this was the norm.  They only had 1 serious fire EVERY year.

         Embedding stations are expensive, but they are specifically 
designed for that purpose.

         If you are really keen on cutting corners I would suggest you 
invest in a proper wax bath.  Sorry, that's not the proper name, they look 
like a hot water urn, the temperature is adjustable, & they have a neat 
little tap at the base.

         The problem with a coffee pot is that wax will solidify in the 
spout, not to mention its a big bulky item to be waving around full of 60C 
molten wax.


         Rob W.

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