Re: Opinions on Cassette Labelers?

From:Roger Moretz <>

We are using the TBS system.  We have a demand for
high throughput, and this system has been quite
reliable.  The software available for both format and
protocols has to run under Windows 3x, although we
have a Win95/98/Me/2000 package for _only_ formatting.
 Since our needs require the protocol portion of the
software, we await (patiently, lo' these many months)
the new version.  Mechanically, the unit generally
runs well, requires minimal routine or special
maintenance (especially once all of the little
adjustments are known!).  The TBS unit also uses a
heated stylus to 'burn' carbon from a tape onto the
cassette.  TBS offers preloaded unicassettes in
sleeves (unfortunately, however, not the biopsy style
cassettes) and this really can reduce time spent
loading and exchanging magazines.  The new units also
offer multi-magazine capabilities.  While not perfect,
we would be spending a lot of time hand labeling, or,
even, hand loading the Cassmark units (just disposed
of two old ones) one cassette at a time.

--- wrote:
> Hi all,
>     I'm looking into purchasing a cassette labeling
> system for our lab. Any 
> comments/pros/cons on the systems of TBS, Ventana or
> Surgipath? 
>    Donna Barlow, HT ASCP
>    Histology Section Head
>    Raleigh Community Hospital

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