Re: Job duties

From:Louri Caldwell <>


We have different job classifications for certified vs. uncertified 
technicians. The pay is higher for a certified technician but that is the 
only difference between the two.  Acquiring certification is the only way to 
be promoted to the higher level.  However, the duties assigned to both 
descriptions are essentially the same.

Hope this helps.

Louri Caldwell
Chief Histolotechnologist
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia

>From: Jennifer MacDonald <>
>Subject: Job duties
>Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 11:34:34 -0700
>Are there facilities that differentiate job duties based on whether or not
>the histology technician is HT certified?  What duties can a non-certified
>technician do versus a certified technician?  Do you have different pay
>scales for non-certified vs. certified?
>I have a colleague that has gotten "resistance" from Human Resources to
>differentiate between the two.  HR refuses to have a different
>classification for the two if they are doing the same jobs.  The ability to
>understand and troubleshoot problems means nothing to HR.
>Thank you for all responses.
>Jennifer MacDonald

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