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    I have often done Herceptest on specimens that do not meet FDA
guidelines. Although they usually stained beautifully, along with the slides
that I submitted I also handed the requester a copy of the Herceptest
package insert in which I had highlighted the specimen submission
requirements. I also suggested that any reporting of these results really
should reflect the FDA guidelines were not met.
    One must understand that often optimum specimens might not exist or they
may be exhausted. We should be flexible enough to perform the proper testing
but be conscious of the need to stick to the procedure, and report the
results and potential inaccuracies.
Amos Brooks

PS: Techs don't interpret, gotta have a dratted degree to be professional
HUMPH ... grumble

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> Martha Ward wrote:
> I have a request from an Oncologist to do the Dako Herceptest on FNA
> slides from the liver that have been DifQuick stained and some that have
> been PAP stained.  I wonder if anyone has had any experience doing this,
> and if so, what were your results.  Thanks in advance for your help!

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