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I think that's what all the fuss is about.  In the UK there have been
reports of gluteraldehyde sensitisation following disinfectant use,
especially in endoscopic clinics.  The amounts used in EM are unlikely to be
a problem, providing the appropriate precautions are taken.

Andy Shand

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> Seems strange. That is a common EM fixative and I've never heard of any
> regulatory problems with it. Even a common hospital disinfectant uses it
> the active ingredient!
> You can use Carson-Millong buffered formalin for EM (works fine for kidney
> and tumor cases). Last I used it I got it through Baxter/Lerner in 5
> carboys.
> Tim Morken
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> We are currently going through a JCAHO inspection (what a year, CAP, CLIA
> and now JCAHO, any one else out there?) Any way, the inspectors went
> the roof when they saw that we have gluteraldehyde.  Now, the hospital
> Safety board is in an up roar.  Why is gluteraldehyde such a dirty word.
> know the general hazards, but is there something new that I might have
> missed?  Also, my pathologist wants to know if there is a substitute
> fixative for electron microscopy.  Once again, I thank you for your help.
> Joe Nocito, B.S., HT(ASCP)QIHC
> Histology Supervisor
> Christus Santa Rosa Hospitals
> San Antonio, Texas

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