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There was one paper  I saw I think from Clonetech Inc. on staining for Beta galactosidase in paraffin tissues, it seemed like a lot of work, it involved staining the tissues prior to processing. Other then that one paper I don't think B-gal can be done in formalin fixed paraffin tissues you need an antibody, this also goes for GFP. 
On the other hand the EGFP (enhanced) GFP can be formalin fixed and processed for paraffin embedding. The nice thing about EGFP is all you need to do is clear, hydrate to water then look under the scope. Addition of DAPI (blue nuclear flourescence) to the mounting media can make for some Awesome photo's. 
My 2 cents...

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>>> Garry Ashton <> 05/23 9:44 AM >>>
Dear histonetters,
a researcher asked me for the relative merits / disadvantages of GFP against
Lac Z  in histological terms as a reporter of gene expression in paraffin
Initially he doesn't want to use immunocytochemistry.
Can anybody give any constuctive advice.
Many thanks
Garry Ashton

Paterson Institute

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