Re: FW: histotechs

From:Karen Pawlowski <>

To John, Charles, and all,

I wish John would have sent this to the list himself, but in any case:

John, by the submissions to the listserve by JHoffpa464 around the time
of the histotech survey, it appeared more like you were purposefully 
baiting people of the list in an attempt to amuse yourself with the 
responses, rather than simply asking a provocative question.  It would 
have looked less suspicious, John, if you more forthcoming with your 

As for "getting even" with John (or JHoffpa464) as some suggest, I 
think it's overreacting, but I have not recieved personal messages from
him, so I can't speak for those people. (Or if I did, I have forgotten.)
However, I think it would be a much worse offense to the listserve to 
promote spamming anyone. John's comments may be snide and offensive, 
but I think it is just his strange sense of humor.  If he sends any 
more personal and offensive posts, take the advice of Gail Macke and 
send a copy to Postmaster@AOL with a letter stating the problem.  
Otherwise, hit the delete button.

Karen Pawlowski

> "Charles.Embrey" wrote:
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> you call the question inflammatory, i call it provacative. i have
> recieved
> may cogent responses from members. it's only those that are sensitive
> about
> being labeled that strike out.  the use of the words hate mail is a
> good
> example, i have never sent hate mail to anyone.  you do tend to over
> exagerate.
> john

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