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you really only need a small trace of eosin or better still erythrosin or
phloxine to stain specimens, they take up the dye readily from very dilute
solutions. Can really use it in any station, but if use in the first station
after fixation will have some contamination to the later stations.  If you use
too much of any of these dyes you may have the plastic in the stations take up
the dye.  I would suggest only 1 ml of 5% aqueous solution per 500 ml.
A point to consider is that these dyes are fluorescent and this will show up on
the sections if carrying out  fluorescence IHC unless you remove them first.

"Hagerty, Marjorie A." wrote:

> I've searched and searched and cannot find any references to this question,
> although I know it has been asked and answered.
> How much eosin and in what station on the processor do you put it when you
> want to tint small biopsies pink in order to see them better when embedding.
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