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Great suggestion!   plus they come unscented and gets rid of nasty aerosal
antistatic sprays (we used to get rid of static cling from polyester
uniform dresses and pants, made for interesting comments when caught
blowing the stuff up your pant leg or other garments!).  

.  At 05:31 AM 5/18/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Here is a quick trick that you can try.  We have had
>success at different times of the year with it in our
>lab.  Use an anti static dryer sheet in side the
>chamber of your cryostat. When you place it inside -
>just rub it together a few times and let it lay in the
>bottom of the chamber.  They are cheap, easily
>obtainable and can be disposed of right with the rest
>of your waste from the chamber.  Doesn't always work,
>but sometimes it helps.
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