Re: Celloidin Technique

From:Shirley Powell <powell_sa@Mercer.EDU>

At the risk of telling you how many years ago I started in this field, I
remember that the section, after deparaffinization step, from a 95% alcohol was
placed for 5 minutes in 1% Celloidin in equal parts of alcohol and ether,
eeegads.  It then was placed in 70% alcohol for 10 minutes to harden.  The
stain was performed and the celloidin removed in the dehydration step in equal
parts of alcohol and ether before clearing and coverslipping.  I found this in
Culling's 3rd Edition of Handbook of Histopathological and Histochemical
Techniques, page 142 under Celloidinization.  It worked for me way back then.

Shirley Powell

"Greenfield, Barbara" wrote:

> A question for the gurus of Histology.
> Many years ago (and I emphasize many) the lab I trained in used a technique
> for post treating paraffin sections to keep them on the slide through some
> of the silver staining techniques.  It involved dipping the mounted,
> deparaffinized slides in a mixture containing celloidin.  Does this ring a
> bell out there, and if so do you remember the concoction and procedure
> details?
> Any pearls of wisdom would be appreciated.
> Barbara Greenfield
> Laboratory Operations Manager
> Erie Scientific, Co.
> 20 Post Road
> Portsmouth N.H. 03801

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