Re: CPT coding question

The answer, Jennifer MacDonald, is not

>>After reading an article regarding CPT codes and uteri the responce is 
88309<< for uteri with leiomyomata, accompanied by tubes and ovaries, even if 
you did read an article.

We've been discussing this problem on the PATHO-L list. The normal CPT code 
here is 88307 - some people do code an 88309 for very large myomas requiring 
large numbers of blocks (by the ancient "one block per centimeter diameter") 
rule, but they probably are sticking their necks out.

Your pathologist is responsible - including jail time for violations - for 
the CPT coding. Pathologists should be extremely cautious in delegating this 
responsibility, and most of my locum tenens clients do it themselves. (Some 
of them in fact do not allow a locum tenens to do it, but code my cases 
themselves when they come back from their vacations. I always work this point 
out with a client carefully in advance.)

Things have been somewhat different in the ".edu" world, where the rule has 
been quod licet Jovi non licent bovi*, but that's changing. 

*just because God can get away with it doesn't mean you can, or "rank has its 

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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