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 We use OCT and isopentane for our frozen section tissues. We also ran into this problem and found that if we reduced the amount of time we left the tissue block in the isopentane it made a big difference in how the block cut. Hope this helps...


>>> Phil Bergin <> 05/29/01 09:11AM >>>

I've just subscribed to Histonet and so far it seems great.  Now I was
just wondering if anyone could give me some advice.

I snap freeze samples in OCT compound in isopentane cooled with liquid
nitrogen.  Unfortunately quite a few of the blocks I get are very
brittle and very difficult to get slices from, the slices just flake
into very small strips which I can't use.  So, is there anyway I can
improve a block when its this brittle, so that I can make sections from


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