Re: Be ye warned: off topic but responding to Dr. Montgomery's RE: Cryostat phenomenon

From:Tara Miller <>

My favorite is the "The Corpse & the Kipper". Just after the one about the 
"siberian hamster" named Basil:

"Manuel, that is a rat"

"No no, Mr. Fawlty. Is not a rat. I say same thing to man in store. That is 
rat. But, he say no is special Siberian hamster."

"Manuel, have you ever heard of the Bubonic plague? Hundreds of years ago 
Siberian hamsters came here on ships and..."

Tara Oakes, HT

>From: Connie McManus <>
>To: Todd Sherman <>,
>Subject: Re: Be ye warned: off topic but responding to Dr. Montgomery's RE: 
>Cryostat phenomenon
>Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 07:41:06 -0600
>At 03:06 AM 5/18/01 -0500, Todd Sherman wrote:
> >Classic!  One of the funniest comedy scenes from one of the best comedies
> >ever made.  Thanks for the visual reference...I'm grinning ear to ear.  
> >of us across the pond really appreciate the dry wit of Cleese and 
> >
> >Todd
>That has got  to be one of my favorite comedies, bar none.  I especially
>love the episode where Fawlty and Manuel try to catch some young  & very
>attractive guy in the act of trying to sneak his girlfriend into his room.
>They climbed a ladder up to their window to get a peek. The trouble was,
>they got the room of a psychiatrist and his wife instead.  I wish this
>show was still aired.  Hmmmm, maybe it's on video.    Good topic for a
>Friday... what's your favorite Fawlty Towers episode?   :-)
>Connie McManus
> >Todd Sherman
> >IT student
> >
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> >
> >"...the Basil Fawlty. Jump up and down on the spot, curse and swear and 
> >the block that if it doesn't behave you'll give it a damn good 
> >
> >Ian.
> >
> ><...legitimate cryostat response snipped...>
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