From:Kathleen Boozer <>

Where do you get the 2  " glass rods that are used with Permount cover slipping?  I am down to two and I can't find them.  

Does anyone use a coffeepot to melt paraffin?

In reference to recycling alcohols, I have been trying a system for a month now that is a gravity fed filtration system that enables you to put the 100% ETCH from the processor right back on as the new rotation.  I'm serious, it comes back absolutely clean and the same dilution you put in. 

Creative Waste Solutions came in and set it up at no cost and will replace the cartridges when they need changing.  All they want is a percentage of the savings.  I use it for my ETOH after Eosin, but only get back 99% as it picks up water from the 95% Eosin.  

He is setting me up with a formalin cartridge in the morning that I am anxious to try.  It does not take salts out and can do regular 10% NBF and Alcoholic Formalin (on a separate cartridge).  The phone number is 1 888 795-8300 if you are interested.  

It is saving me almost 20 gallons of recycling in my BR unit not to mention the time and effort to fill and carry the cans.  What a simple solution!

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