RE: non-histology topics

From:Karen Larison <>

I thanked Lorraine for voicing her opinion.  I'd been sick for 2 
days, and came back too this nightmare of duplicate messages and 
non-histo messages.  This shouldn't happen.

Sure, a little non-histo patter doesn't hurt, but couldn't it wait 
until the problem of duplicate and triplicate messages had been 
resolved?  Forgive me for being such a curmudgeon, but I think this 
comes under the umbrella of common courtesy.

Karen in Oregon

>Lorraine and Jennifer:
>I respectfully disagree.  I think that the Histonet is more than just a
>technical site.  I feel at times like many of these familiar names are
>friends.  And like with a friend, sometimes a light comment can brighten an
>over-worked and underpaid day.  I enjoy the non-histolgy comments and deeply
>value the technical ones.  I don't see why the two cannot co-exist.
>Just my opinion.
>Jeanine Bartlett, HT(ASCP)
>Centers for Disease Control
>Infectious Disease Pathology Activity
>Atlanta, GA  30333
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>From: Lorraine Gibbs []
>Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2001 12:11 PM
>Subject: non-histology topics
>Hi to all-
>I absolutely agree with Jennifer Philopena's comments on non-histology
>topics (twats, Fawlty Towers). These subjects do not belong on a discussion
>board for histology. It really undermines the credibility of Histonet.
>Please find another discussion board for these
>Jen did not need to pre-apologize.
>Lorraine Gibbs

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