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 You would be no better than him if you did that to him, you could get
yourself into trouble for doing this. Send all e-mail from this person to he must obey all "Terms of Contract" from AOL and he know
that he must. Even if he sends email to other serves like yours. Any  AOL
member can contact an area call TOSS for help since they are a member of
AOL, but all non-member AOL people should forward all their offending e-mail
straight to the Postmaster@AOL with a letter telling the problem. I know
because I looked up the rules at home over the weekend. I also found the
same thing under his profile, but he has written nothing offense in his
profile--just vague.  You are told not to give information that people can
trace to your house or location, that is the purpose of having a screen name
at AOL. Actually, Jim, if you were on AOL you could be TOSS for using the
a-- word in your below letter, as some people would consider it cursing and
you would get a warning if a host or guide were call on you.
  Gail Macke
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 I agree!  His personal emails to me have really creeped me out!

Jeanine Bartlett

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I think jhoffpa464 has a problem. Sounds like a smart ass.
We could bombard him with emails, sign him up to all kinds of weird list
servers, porno sites, etc. See info below.

Regards to all,
Jim Burchette
Duke Immunopath

AOL screen info for JHoffpa464

Member Name:   hmmmmm
Location: philadelphia
Sex: Male
Marital Status:     guess
Hobbies:  who has time for hobbies
Computers:     who cares
Occupation:     electron microscopy if ya have to ske what it is you
never understand it.
Personal Quote:     judge me by my character not by my profile

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