RE: histotechs

From:Marvin Hanna <>

Hi Bob,

A search for "" in the archives shows 12 results, one of
which is signed "John Hoffpauir".

This gentleman does appear to be genuinely involved with histology,
however, he seems to be a newbie that has not learned the difference
between the Histonet listserver and an AOL chat server, where anonymous and
disrespectful one-liners are apparently OK.

John - Sending anonymous emails off list in response to postings of
Histonet members is a serious violation of netiquette (and prehaps a
violation of US statutes on spamming). I believe you will find that all
members of the Histonet community are professionals, involved with
continuing to advance their knowledge of the histology profession.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Marvin Hanna

>Here's the AOL profile of - The last line says it all.
>Bob Richmond
>Samurai Pathologist
>Knoxville TN
>Member Name:    hmmmmm
>Location:   philadelphia
>Sex:    Male
>Marital Status: guess
>Hobbies:    who has time for hobbies
>Computers:  who cares
>Occupation:  electron microscopy if ya have to ske what it is you will never
>understand it.
>Personal Quote: judge me by my character not by my profile

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