RE: endothelial markers

we have found some of the receptor antibodies to be more specific for early
endothelial cells, TGFbR3, VEGFR2, TIE-2, collagen 4 is also good but not
totally specific for just endo cells, vegf ditto, and you can get cd31/34
from pharmgen directed against rat, so maybe you can find one against mouse
endo cells, but we have not found them to be as specific as the receptors,
BMPR2 is another good one.  most of the receptor antibodies come from santa
patsy ruegg 

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Subject: endothelial markers

Dear all,
Thanks for the advice about GFP / LacZ.
I now have another question someone in histoland may be able to help me

I am trying to identify blood vessel growth in some form of sponge
that was initially implanted in mice subcutaneously and then later
CD31/34 from Dako only recognise human endothelial cells, and hence give
Von Willebrand Factor seems to be giving a lot of non specific staining,
presumably as it is a polyclonal.
Does anybody know of any other antibody I could possibly try.
Any suggestions or advice would be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance
Garry Ashton

Paterson Institute

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