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Hello Garry,

Have you considered IHC for endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS)?  We
had success in several species in numerous tissues using some products from
Transduction Laboratories.  The monoclonal Ms X Hu worked well with minimal
background; occasional background problems in some experiments with rat but,
overall, effective in detecting all levels of vascular development.  Under
"ideal" conditions the results can be terrific and very specific.  I can
send you a journal reference or the *.pdf version of one of our old papers
that has the protocol if you are interested.

Regards, Todd

Todd Sherman
IT student

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Subject: endothelial markers

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I am trying to identify blood vessel growth in some form of sponge material,
that was initially implanted in mice subcutaneously and then later removed.
CD31/34 from Dako only recognise human endothelial cells, and hence give no
Von Willebrand Factor seems to be giving a lot of non specific staining,
presumably as it is a polyclonal.
Does anybody know of any other antibody I could possibly try.
Any suggestions or advice would be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance
Garry Ashton

Paterson Institute

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