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The following treatment is used after a PBS rinse and is followed by PBS
rinses prior to the application of a blocking serum or primary Ab step.

immerse slides in fresh 0.3% H2O2 prepared in 0.1% Sodium Azide(aq)  for
10-15 minutes

prepare fresh and place in coplin jar
3% H2O2 	5ml
0.1% NaAzide	45 ml

Dispose of Na azide solution in accordance with local and other regulations.

     Use of azide and hydrogen peroxide as an inhibitor for endogenous
     in the immunoperoxidase method.
     J HISTOCHEM CYTOCHEM 35:1457-1460,
     DECEMBER, 1987.

This works very well,

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	Subject:	What are you using for blocking endogenous
peroxidase in acetone 
	fixed frozen sections?
	I have used a weak solution of H202 which is not always effective, 
	too strong and I get excessive "bubbling" of the tissue. Yes, I 
	know, try a strength in between, but I was wondering if there is 
	something more appropriate and less aggressive.
	I look forward to a wealth of knowledge and experience, preferably 
	by 9am GMT tomorrow.
	Many thanks,
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