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2 cents

We currently use DVD to back-up digital photomicrographs.  The cost is about
$50 per DVD  and they hold approx. 4.5GB.  Once written they are placed in a
DVD tower and we access them through a DVD server just as if they were
coming out of the mainframe network.  At first we were going to use CD-ROM,
but the images would become quite scattered around since only approx. 600MB
can be stored per CD-ROM.  For people interested in using these permanent
storage options it is recommended that you take some time to consider your
storage size needs, access requirements, and file organization.  The DVD
system is really nice.  Other options to consider would be JAZ 1-2GB(sp?)
drives and for small needs- ZIP 100MB  from Iomega.

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> just sitting here pondering my navel and a thought occured to me. i was 
> thinking of the furure of the CD -rom with the advances in DVD tech. any 
> thoughts?

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