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OOO, I bet you are popular in your lab, A!!! Couldn't resist jumping in on
this one. I agree with you too a point, however, there is also a point
where you can be too in your face with things which can create real
problems too!! I think the door swings both ways on this one!

Lynn Gardner,
Formerly a Wisconsinite!

At 10:59 AM 5/31/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Am I the only one that thinks today's world is too touchy-feely.  Bad vibes
>& karma aside, it would do all of us some good too actually say what is on
>our mind and not gloss it over with some neutral sounding jargon to save the
>"feelings" of everyone involved.  Come on people, get brave.  If someone
>makes you angry, let them know.  If someone needs to be told something, tell
>them.  And tell them point-blank, it is more effective.
>Glen Dawson  Lead IHC Technologist
>Milwaukee, WI
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>From: Amos Brooks []
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>Subject: bad form
>Hi all,
>    Although some may have been hit with bad vibes from the infamous
>jhoffpa464, I really think some of us need to hit the delete key and step
>away from the keyboard for a while to cool off before firing off an e-mail
>message in anger. When this happens we usually end up sounding as bad as or
>worse than the individual we are responding to.
>    If you have been offended by something, try to resolve it privately, or
>perhaps through the list moderator. Please don't spread the negativity by
>fanning the flames. I prefer to hit <delete> and walk away. It's just
>e-mail, relax.
>breathe through the pain
>Amos Brooks
>thoroughly relaxed ... (yeah right)

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