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Am I the only one that thinks today's world is too touchy-feely.  Bad vibes
& karma aside, it would do all of us some good too actually say what is on
our mind and not gloss it over with some neutral sounding jargon to save the
"feelings" of everyone involved.  Come on people, get brave.  If someone
makes you angry, let them know.  If someone needs to be told something, tell
them.  And tell them point-blank, it is more effective.

Glen Dawson  Lead IHC Technologist
Milwaukee, WI

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Hi all,
    Although some may have been hit with bad vibes from the infamous
jhoffpa464, I really think some of us need to hit the delete key and step
away from the keyboard for a while to cool off before firing off an e-mail
message in anger. When this happens we usually end up sounding as bad as or
worse than the individual we are responding to.
    If you have been offended by something, try to resolve it privately, or
perhaps through the list moderator. Please don't spread the negativity by
fanning the flames. I prefer to hit <delete> and walk away. It's just
e-mail, relax.
breathe through the pain
Amos Brooks
thoroughly relaxed ... (yeah right)

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