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Hello all.
There are many virus hoaxes being sent around the Net at any given time. The
SULFNBK.EXE message is another one. No one knows quite how these things
start, but there's one sure way to stop them: go to any good urban
legend/virus hoax site and check the message out BEFORE you forward it to
all and sundry.
Probably the best urban legend clearinghouse is
Just try typing in "virus" or perhaps the name of the virus you're looking
for into the search engine and you should be on your way. You can also check
out the anti-virus software sites like mcafee for more info.
In fact, has instructions on how to restore your copy of
sulfnbk.exe after you mistakenly delete it. It's apparently a legitimate
part of Windows. And for an added diversion, you can read the original virus
email in Dutch while you're there.

Please take the time to check out all dire virus warnings before passing
them on. The intent is good, the motives are the highest, but it's still
junk mail, and not nearly as entertaining as the Farty Towels thread.

Jeffrey CRews, HTL (ASCP)

PS The only danger of is that you can get sucked in and spend
hours reading up on all of the permutations of the "Bloody Mary" story.

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