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>Where do you get the 2  " glass rods that are used with Permount cover 
slipping?  I am down to two and I can't find them.

I assume you're using the glass rods to dip into the Permount and drop media 
onto the slide for coverslipping.  I make my own dippers from 200 uL capillary 
tubes.  I melt the glass in the flame of a bunsen burner until it forms a 
rounded bulb on the end, lay it aside to cool.  I hold the capillary tube with 
the biggest forceps I can find to keep my finders from getting singed.

I have also used 1 mL glass serological pipets to do this with.  They work 
better than the capillary tubes, but you have to break the serological pipets 
by scoring with a diamond pen at the desired length, heating it, then running 
it under cold tap water.  Then you can melt the end into a rounded bulb.  You 
should always wear goggles and other safety apparel while doing this and work 
near a sink.  I hope this helps.

Connie McManus

>Does anyone use a coffeepot to melt paraffin?
>In reference to recycling alcohols, I have been trying a system for a month 
now that is a gravity fed filtration system that enables you to put the 100% 
ETCH from the processor right back on as the new rotation.  I'm serious, it 
comes back absolutely clean and the same dilution you put in.
>Creative Waste Solutions came in and set it up at no cost and will replace 
the cartridges when they need changing.  All they want is a percentage of the 
savings.  I use it for my ETOH after Eosin, but only get back 99% as it picks 
up water from the 95% Eosin.
>He is setting me up with a formalin cartridge in the morning that I am 
anxious to try.  It does not take salts out and can do regular 10% NBF and 
Alcoholic Formalin (on a separate cartridge).  The phone number is 1 888 
795-8300 if you are interested.
>It is saving me almost 20 gallons of recycling in my BR unit not to mention 
the time and effort to fill and carry the cans.  What a simple solution!

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