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>I'll bet your safety officer would croak if they saw a coffee pot used for
>melting paraffin.

No lie!  I can't even throw the gum wrappers from my purse into the lab trash 
can for fear someone will come by and look in there and accuse me of eating in 
the lab.  I can't imagine the commotion a coffee pot in the lab would create 
with the safety people. I think Tim is right.  Coffee pots were meant for 
making things much hotter than paraffin should be.  You gotta have the right 
tools to do the right job.

Just my 2 cents worth

Connie McManus

>Now accepting all messages telling me that "they" have used coffee pots for
>years for this exact purpose!
>Tim Morken
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>Subject: Paraffin Melting Pots
>Is it true you can use a large coffee pot with a spout for melting
>paraffin rather than buy an expensive one?

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