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I believe jhoffpa464 could quite possibly be a spineless, bottomfeeding,
intellectual-wanna-be who unfortunately has so little work to occupy his
time that he feels the need to log onto a forum that is unrelated to his
supposed profession to try to stir up a bee's nest for his own cheap thrill.
Like a bothersome insect, he should be stepped on & then utterly ignored.
Glen Dawson  Lead IHC Technologist
Milwaukee, WI

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A suggestion: 

>I think jhoffpa464 has a problem. Sounds like a smart ass. 
>We could bombard him with emails, sign him up to all kinds of weird list 
>servers, porno sites, etc. See info below. 

My response would be to ignore him and just delete messages attributed to
address. Sorry to add one more post to this thread. 
Andi Grantham 
U of Arizona 
         =^..^=     .////. .// 
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