RE: GFP / LacZ

You can use either. If you decide to use GFP use one of the enhanced
variants, e.g. EGFP from Clontech. This fluorochrome is stable in to
paraffin processing. LacZ is also stable after the X-gal precipitate is
developed. So when using Lac Z, formalin fix stain in x-gal then process for
paraffin. Hope this helps, Donna Montague, Center for Orthopaedic Research,
UAMS, Little ROck, AR

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Subject: GFP / LacZ

Dear histonetters,
a researcher asked me for the relative merits / disadvantages of GFP against
Lac Z  in histological terms as a reporter of gene expression in paraffin
Initially he doesn't want to use immunocytochemistry.
Can anybody give any constuctive advice.
Many thanks
Garry Ashton

Paterson Institute

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