RE: Does anyone need some free antibodies?

be careful here, you wouldn't want to buy human tissue, that's illegal you
know, and who ever sends you tissue should have a signed written release
from the person the tissue belongs to
what are the rules here histonetters?
i know that inorder to use someone's tissue or cells for research at my
institute you have to find that person and have them sign a release form
patsy ruegg  

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Subject: Does anyone need some free antibodies?

If so, there is a way that you can get 6 ml prediluted anti-human
antibodies, any kind you want, through a barter with Cell Marque.

Cell Marque is in need of some known positive human tissue blocks.
Because we offer stained and unstained controls to our valued clients on
a regular basis to assist them with their immunostaining, we have run
low on certain control tissues.  As a result, we are offering antibodies
for tissue blocks.  For every positive control block that we receive, we
are willing to trade any 6 ml predilute that we carry.  That is correct,
if you contact us and let us know that you have any positive control
blocks that we need, we will have it shipped to us.  Once we test the
block for positive staining, we will send you a 6 ml predilute OF YOUR
CHOICE from our reference guide FOR EACH BLOCK SENT.  Blocks that don't
stain for us we will simply return to the facility, so nothing is lost.

For those interested, here are the positive human tissue blocks that we
are looking for:

H. pylori
Pneumocystis carnii

If you have any questions, please respond via private e-mail or call
Cell Marque.  Thank you.

Jeff Gordon
Technical Sales Consultant
Cell Marque Corp.

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