RE:Banal banter/off topic

This subject (inevitably) came up recently in another newsgroup.
Below is the post I sent to them, which is as apt here.

I have always been a supporter of non-subject related matter in the various newsgroups to which I have subscribed, and have in the past, posted in support of that practice.
I have expressed the view that like-professioned  folks will tend to have have like interests and personalities. Ish.

There does however need to be balance, and I must agree that the amount of drivel recently has been excessive. Not for me; I can hit a delete as fast as anyone, but for the more serious folks.
We don't want to lose anyone.

I suggest that if they can put up with a little banter, we can put up with a little self restraint.

Terry L Marshall
Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire

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