From:Barry Rittman <brittman@mail.db.uth.tmc.edu>

I used to believe myself to be a reasonably patient person but the
number of messages that are off topic (and I realize that I am adding to
it with this one) is getting beyond a joke.
You may not have considered that some email systems have a limit to the
number of messages that can be stored. Once it is full, any new messages
are sent back to the original source and no more messages can be stored
until the box is at least partially cleared. This can easily happen if
we are away from the office for some days.
The problem is not with the original off topic message but rather the
large number of responses. I feel that responses to questions like "what
can we call a lab" could be sent directly" to the individual who asked
the original question. They could then collate these and provide all of
us with one or two emails concerning the responses.

I like the Histonet to include some off  topic items to lighten the
workday but the MAIN purpose of the Histonet was, I thought,  to
exchange histology information.

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