Help with Tape Transfer System

From:Linda Jenkins <>

Dear Histonetters,
	We are currently attempting to use the Instrumedics paraffin tape
transfer system to capture hard-to-cut paraffin sections.  I am using
Surgipath embedding paraffin and the A/O 820 microtome with the disposable
blade holder (nonadjustable).  The problem is - the tape does not want to
adhere to the faced block.  I have tried varying the speed of sectioning,
chilling the tape, and varying the thickness from 3 - 10 microns.  If I'm
lucky (not usually) I can get a partial piece of tissue to adhere to the
tape.  I also tried this on a blank block with the same results.  Also, on
the partial pieces I manage to obtain, there is a heavy eosin like
background staining.  Why bother?  Well...on those partial pieces that I
manage to obtain - the structure is incredible - I want the whole section
very badly.   Anyone else using this system that would care to share their
Linda Jenkins, HT
Clemson University
Department of Bioengineering

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