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<html> <x-tab>        </x-tab>Reread the Samurai's comment, he specifically mentioned the porn merchants. While having an intense dislike of McCarthy and his ideas my views on porn, in any of its manifestations, would have Ghengis Khan blush. As for a PhD, it's the first degree that counts, be a good boy, do a little work, don't fall out with your supervisor and you'll get a PhD. <br> Ian.<br><br> <br> <blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 10:02:53 -0400 (EDT)<br> From: JHoffpa464@aol.com<br> Subject: Re: non-histology topics<br> To: histonet@pathology.swmed.edu<br><br> <font face="arial" size=2>i am always amuses if not disconcerted when someone disagees with a popular <br> subject matter are labeled in some way, "crazies" as Dr. <i>montgomery </i>puts it.   <br> this kind of thought smacks of McCartyism. i thought we would have grown out <br> of that.  i also would have thought Dr Montgomery would not have been so <br> narrow minded after having achived  a PhD. i was always led to believe <br> resonable people could always disagree. <br> ahhh well welcome back to the 50s <br><br> </font></blockquote> <x-sigsep><p></x-sigsep> <font color="#0000FF">Dr. Ian Montgomery,<br> West Medical Building,<br> University of Glasgow,<br> Glasgow,<br> G12 8QQ.<br> Tel: 0141 339 8855.  Extn:6602.<br> Fax: 0141 330 2923<br> e-mail: ian.montgomery@bio.gla.ac.uk</font></html>
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