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From:"Dr. Ian Montgomery." <ian.montgomery@bio.gla.ac.uk>

<html> <br> Barbara,<br> <x-tab>        </x-tab>Bells ringing but I used celloidin as an adhesive, 3% celloidin in methyl benzoate. Remember celloidin is an 8% solution in ether.<br> Ian.<br><br> <blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 14:36:57 -0400<br> From: "Greenfield, Barbara" <bgreenfield@eriesci.com><br> Subject: Celloidin Technique<br> To: "'histonet@pathology.swmed.edu'" <histonet@pathology.swmed.edu><br><br> A question for the gurus of Histology.<br><br> Many years ago (and I emphasize many) the lab I trained in used a technique<br> for post treating paraffin sections to keep them on the slide through some<br> of the silver staining techniques.  It involved dipping the mounted,<br> deparaffinized slides in a mixture containing celloidin.  Does this ring a<br> bell out there, and if so do you remember the concoction and procedure<br> details?<br><br> Any pearls of wisdom would be appreciated.<br><br> Barbara Greenfield<br> Laboratory Operations Manager<br> Erie Scientific, Co.<br> 20 Post Road<br> Portsmouth N.H. 03801</blockquote> <x-sigsep><p></x-sigsep> <font color="#0000FF">Dr. Ian Montgomery,<br> West Medical Building,<br> University of Glasgow,<br> Glasgow,<br> G12 8QQ.<br> Tel: 0141 339 8855.  Extn:6602.<br> Fax: 0141 330 2923<br> e-mail: ian.montgomery@bio.gla.ac.uk</font></html>
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