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Sorry, I didn't realize that I was asking anyone to research it for me!  :)
I just wanted to know if anyone is using this brand it and if so what he/she
thinks about it.  It is an aliphatic hydrocarbon, not a limonene like
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Hi Erin Wrona!

>>Has anyone used SurgiPath's Sub-X xylene substitute? We use Americlear
but it is really expensive. The Sub-X is far cheaper, and we are thinking 
about switching.<<

When you ask a question and use a trade name, you make the rest of us - who 
probably know the chemical but not the trade name - either try to find the 
information on a Web site, or ignore the question. Please do your homework -

what is Sub-X? Is it an aliphatic hydrocarbon - what can you find out about 
it? - and state the question to Histonet again. You're much more likely to 
get replies from the people on this list who really know, like John Kiernan 
and Dick Dapson and Gayle Callis.

Americlear is a limonene - a turpentine-like material steam distilled from 
citrus peels. Is Sub-X another limonene?

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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