Caveats on GMA Block Trimming

From:Gayle Callis <>

A word of caution here, any GMA dust particles should NOT come into contact
with wet mucosal surfaces, ie nasal passages, eyes.  I know several people
who cannot be in the same room as GMA components or they react terribly to
this sensitizing plastic.  Some people are lucky and not sensitive, but
don't take the chance - I know more who are sensitive to GMA than those who
are not.  They literally cannot work with it.  Also the horror story of a
section flying into technicians eye, so wear safety glasses and face masks.

If you have a mini-vacuum sitting in front your grinding area, you could
keep trimmings constantly cleaned up while you grind away, you cannot grind
GMA with water as you can PMMA, plastic will not tolerate softening by water. 


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