Blocking endogenous peroxidase/frozen sections

From:Gayle Callis <>

For acetone fixed frozens, preference is glucose oxidase method.  It
totally blocks peroxidase and pseudoperoxidases in minimally fixed frozen
(acetone) without chewing sections off slide. You should find this in the
archives, if not, VECTOR has the recipe, it takes longer - 1 hour at 37C
but is far superior.

You can also try DAKO peroxidase block for frozen sections, Cat # S2001.
Often use it (when in a hurry) block for 15 min, it doesn't eat sections.
It has served me well AND I could use it with gap technics or Shandon
Coverplate method, no bubbles form.  However, I have found it often leaves
some endo perox if I have to do the most sensitive DAB or DAB+ (DAKO) with
their DAB enhancer.  

It contains 0.03% hydrogen peroxide in buffer with some sodium azide.  
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