Tyrosine Hydroxylase

From:Anila Syed <syedab@totalise.co.uk>

Dear All,

Sorry if this has been asked before. I have a protocol for Tyrosine
hydroxylase which I am using to stain 50um brain stem sections. It has a 4
day incubation of primary on it at 4 deg C and I was wondering whether
anyone has had any experience using this ab. My question is, can I do a
shorter incubation at room temp and get the same results?

A secondary question I have is how reliable is immunostaining for tissue in
which you want to count and measure cells? Does one get consistent results
with a given ab and a given protocol? i.e. if one used the same protocol on
the same tissue section, would the same cells always be stained and to the
same extent?

Many Thanks in Advance,

Kind Regards,

Dr. Anila Syed

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