Seattle Job Opening

From:Victor Tobias <>


We just lost a tech to LOVE. Their SO lives in another city and they got
tired of the commute.

This position is located at the University of Washington Medical Center,
ranked in the top 15 facilities in the country. We are recruiting for a
night shift position. With the ever increasing need for turn around
times and billing promptness, this shift was necessary to keep up with
the competition. This is a full time position for someone with excellent
embedding and cutting skills. The shift cuts and stains 100% of our
biopsy cases and embeds routine cases. Our new derm pathologist just
reduced our workload by eliminating the need to cut levels on derm
cases. We are a highly automated lab with state of the art equipment.
Salary is based on experience with a shift differential.

Please feel free to contact me for additional information or questions.

Victor Tobias
Histology Supervisor
206-598-7774 fax

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