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I used to use nair on animal hooves at a vet diagnostic lab. You can use a
weigh boat and completely submerge the nail in nair. Cover the weigh boat
with plastic wrap, to keep nair from drying out.  It's a long process, it
takes about a week or more, but you keep nail submerged, changing nair about
every two to three days, until the nail becomes pliable. Once you are able
to, I would dissect it or trim it up to where you want it and nair it a
little longer.  Once endpoint is reached rinse it thoroughly with water and
process normally.  It still will take patience to cut but it should work out
for you.  Put on charged slides.  You can use the PAS or GMS stain for
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  This may be a subject that has been covered before, but supposedly there
is a
  new way to check for toenail fungus other than culture...PAS stain....the
  problem is getting a section well cut that will adhere to the slide. I
  heard about using NAIR hair remover to dekeratinize the nail..but am not
  about the procedure...thanks.

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