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Aldrich (1-800-558-9160) sells Sirius Red (C.I. 35780) under the name of
"Direct Red 80" (catalog # 36-554-8,
$13.60 for 5 grams).

Allen A. Smith
Barry University School of Graduate Medical Sciences
Miami Shores, Florida

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Subject: sirius red F3B

> Help histonetters,
> I have a scientist wanting me to do a stain called Sirius Red (Llewellyn,
> 1970)  I have found a procedure in Bancroft's book.  Whew!  Then I look in
> I don't know how many catalogs and find Sirius Red F3B NOWHERE.  I looked
> in my old book of biological dyes for a possible alternate name.  No
> Luck!  Does anyone know where I can get this stuff.  AND once I find it
> clues.  I have been warned that the preparation of this dye is tricky and
> it can precipitate out on you quite easily.  Thanks in advance!

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