Re: protocol for using gelatin

From:"J. A. Kiernan" <>

On Fri, 11 May 2001, frank quin wrote:

> I need to cut spinal cord tissue with Vibratome but could not do 
> it well.  Would you please give me some advice? 
> Do you have the protocol about how to make gelatin 
> for imbedding and how to fix gelatin in formaldehyde (% and how long)? =20
> I couldn’t find such information in your website.  Thanks.

It should be in any manual. It doesn't much matter what you
do. Try 5% gelatin in water. cast a cube containing the
specimen. Trim it when set (fridge). Immerse in 10%
formalin in water overnight (in fridge if it's warm 
enough in the lab to melt unfixed gelatin). Wash and cut
John A. Kiernan
Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology
The University of Western Ontario
London,  Canada   N6A 5C1

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