Re: factor 8

From:Connie McManus <>

I am curious to know how this works in canines.  One of my hobbies is
breeding dogs and one of the health checks we do to be sure we are
breeding healthy animals is to test for vonWildebrands (factor 8).  None
of us in the dog breeding world are happy with the current testing for
this... which is a clotting time reaction.  We feel there is a
tremendous amount of error in this test and so much rides on the
outcome.  I have often felt we could do an ELISA or IHC on this. 
However, I was informed the antibodies Xreact with dog.  

Does anyone have an opinion on the current testing for vWD and is it
possible to do an ELISA or IHC for dogs to test for breeding purposes.

just curious

Connie McManus wrote:
> I do factor 8 all the time, it is present in all kinds of tissue, do
> not need
> retrieval, it is one of the easy ones.                         Dana


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