Re: detergents in antibody diuents

From:Karen Larison <>


For detergents to be effective, they should be used at their critical 
micelle concentration.  This is the concentration at which the 
detergent forms spherical aggregates with the fatty tails inside the 
sphere and the hydrophilic portion on the outside.  The Sigma catalog 
provides a table of critical micelle concentrations in millimolar 
concentrations.  You'll have to translate these into % concentrations.

Karen in Oregon

>I have seen various concentrations of detergents (Triton X, Tween 20
>etc.) used in primary antibody diluents and wondered if there were any
>guidelines for choosing a particular concentration. Does it depend on
>whether paraffin or frozen sections are used or is it more dependent
>upon the type and concentration of fixative? Also, is there an effect of
>detergent concentration on the ability of sections to adhere to slides?

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